Medo Thyroid

Automated nodule detection and TI-RADS classification in a fraction of the time

Classifying TI-RADS

Thyroid nodules are common.  Unfortunately, accurately classifying them as benign vs. potentially malignant is time consuming, repetitive, and very subjective.  The process involves sifting through current and prior ultrasound images taken and interpreted by different people to decide whether a nodule has suspicious features or has changed over time.  When many nodules are present it can be difficult to even know whether the pictures are of the same nodule as in the previous scan.  Classifying the nodules by TI-RADS adds a further layer of time and difficulty.


TI-RADS classification with Medo

Medo Thyroid uses artificial intelligence to radically simplify the classification of thyroid nodules. Users simply save sweeps of each thyroid lobe and Medo automatically analyses these to present the most relevant image of the nodule. Furthermore, it segments the nodule across all images in the sweep and calculates actual volumetric data required for TI-RADS scoring. Ultimately, Medo allows you to classify thyroid nodules more reliably, and in a fraction of the time for first, and follow up visits.

MEDO Thyroid nodules

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