DDH Affects 1 in 30 people and is easily treated

What is DDH?

Developmental Hip Dysplasia (DDH) affects 1-3% of most populations worldwide and leads to rapidly progressing hip osteoarthritis. Those who suffer from DDH experience a life of morbidity and suffering and an eventual hip replacement surgery and recovery. This condition, if detected in infancy, is highly treatable by non-invasive measures. But current screening practices are either flawed, or not readily available.  

baby hiphip ultrasound

Screening with Medo Hip

Medo hip leverages artificial intelligence to result in a screening process that is both economic, accurate, and reliable in a clinical setting. Our users benefit from a radically simplified screening process in three main ways:


Two minute scans

Because the user captures a sweep rather than “the perfect image,” our users have demonstrated average scan times at a fraction of the time required without Medo. 15 minute scans, now take on average 2 minutes.

hip 3d render


Calculates measurements

Because Medo interprets the entire sweep of images, objective measurements such as alpha angle, beta angle, and coverage, which are all key to making an diagnosis are calculated more accurately and with less subjective data.

hip measurements


Automatic segmentation

Finally, Medo segments the femoral head and hip bone in every image within the sweep, thereby allowing the user to visualize and adjust these key underlying metrics as they see fit.

hip graf class

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