Diagnosis of lung complications at the bedside

The Problem

Is my case of Covid-19 mild or serious?  Do I have pneumonia?  Is there fluid building up around my mother’s lungs?  Does my daughter have a pneumothorax after falling off her bike? Lung problems are some of the most common and important reasons to visit a doctor’s office or emergency room. Currently, most patients receive a chest X-ray, but this uses radiation and usually requires the patient to head to a radiology department.  Portable ultrasound probes can be used to image the lungs at bedside, but the images are confusing for inexperienced users.

Medo Lung

Medo is currently expediting development of our lung module for the Covid19 pandemic. With Medo Lung, a quick scan of the lung bases will be reviewed by AI to automatically detect whether this patient has normal lungs or shows signs of the interstitial pneumonitis that leads to most of the severe illness and death in Covid19.  These scans could be performed in thousands of patients together with diagnostic swabs in Covid19 screening clinics, to pick out the few who urgently need to go to hospital from the many with mild disease.  We aim to have this module ready for use to screen in early 2021. Looking further ahead, MEDO Lung will be ready to evaluate for other important lung diseases including pneumonia, pleural effusions, pneumothorax, pulmonary edema – and will stand ready to assist in future pandemics.

MEDO Lung applications

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