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World's first FDA-cleared AI platform that makes ultrasound workflow faster, more reliable and accessible to all.

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Doctor administering ultrasound to throat

The Medo Platform

Designed to seamlessly integrate with clinicians' workflow and drastically simplify both acquisition and interpretation of ultrasound images. The Medo platform is vendor-neutral and enables quick, objective and reproducible workflows, not possible with conventional methods. The platform significantly lowers the expertise required to diagnose common and critical conditions using ultrasound, making it accessible to all.

AI-powered web-based app that:

Displays and organizes images like a traditional PACS system.

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Adds AI enhancements like segmented body parts and calculated indices.

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Finds and evaluates the highest-quality images from even the largest scans.

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Detects common & critical medical conditions, using AI trained on thousands of cases to suggest diagnoses.

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Our Mission

To radically simplify the use of ultrasound for common and critical conditions